Seven little munchkins came to our house today!  All of Izzabella’s tonkinese kittens are doing well.  She’s getting lots of good food, has plenty of milk and love and care for all the babes.  They are just three hours old!

We post some of our videos on as AGFVideo if you want to look for more!

22 Nov 2008, 9:04pm

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Time to Play!

It’s time to play!! Seven week old pups are ready to play!

Fill out a Poodle Adoption Form today!

Ten Days!

Look!  We have our first collars!

We are 10 days old!

Fill out a Poodle Adoption Form today!

Blue Skies Smiling on Me!

Late last night and early this morning Clara midwifed the whelping of 6 pups!  Sky (Blue Sky) is now the WONDERFUL mother of six standard poodle puppies.

Fill out a Poodle Adoption Form today!

There are four girls and two boys.. all ranging between 8 and 10 ounces at birth.

Sky is happy and exhausted – as is Clara!

Congratulations Girls!

Happy Birthday Clara! (reprise)

Clara had her ‘friends’ birthday party at the outdoor pool!  Dressed for a luau they danced and swam away the day.

Happy Birthday.. Clara??! Yeah..  Here’s MyBoy, not Clara.  …he can sure dress in drag and do the hula!

9 Jun 2008, 2:14pm

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Happy Birthday Clara!

Pretty in pink and a happily hugged… Clara celebrated her 10th Birthday with her family this evening.  A pasta dinner and an ice cream cake were chosen for the celebratory meal and a small pool party with friends will occur later this month.


Ambrose, the Bishop, and Clovis, the King!

Devoted Sisters

Peggy and Cherl, devoted sisters, are enjoying a quiet afternoon snuggle.

Lounging around!

Going places!

18 Feb 2008, 2:04pm

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Out to lunch!

Clara and America got to go out to lunch today!  Clara has vegetable soup. Mmmmm.

We are the Champions!

Clara is giddy with Joy as Izzabella finishes her Championship at this show.  Way to go girls!

Clara, and her friend Desiree, are enjoying showing at the the cat show together!

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